Monday, January 24, 2011

I call this piece "my graceful descent."

The second in my self-portrait series, I call this piece "my graceful descent."
I call this piece "my graceful descent downhill.", originally uploaded by spleeness.
Click to enlarge -- see the grace and composure up close!
 This is an old (extinct) volcano called SP Crater in Northern Arizona, about 25 miles away from Flagstaff. It's 820 feet high and took about 2.5 hours to climb to the top because the soil is so difficult to gather a good footing. This photo documents the graceful journey I made up and down its rocky, slippery sides. Isn't my grace inspiring?

Why is it called SP Crater?
C. J. Babbit, an 1880s rancher and early landowner of the mountain, expressed his opinion that the mountain resembled a pot of excrement (Shit Pot), and this became the accepted local name. When viewed from certain angles on the ground, the combination of the smooth round shape of the cone, the dark lava spatter on the rim, and the long dark lava flow extruding from the base do indeed resemble a toilet catastrophe.
Sorry you asked? :)  Read more about SP Crater.


nightFire said...

lol, yes inspiration. great shot !!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Cool, just you and the manzanita. ;-)