Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If we did the same, by Chelsea Latimer (song & lyrics)

If we did the same LIVE
(source: Chelsea's page on MySpace Music)
If we did the same

Chelsea Latimer

Call myself (in the mirror?)
Saying things I wouldn't want my momma to hear
As if the fear will medicate my unease
I built a cage and now I'm searching for my keys

If everybody would do it like you do
Day in and day out
What would we look like now
What kind of thing would we all create
If we all did the same
It makes you think
Would you multiply
the way that you,
the way that I
(I) Live my life

Another night we go out
Our morals we throw out
Ignore my mistakes
You won't see me through all my haze
and this nest I make
is my home
But I want to get away
I want to get away


Kinda makes you think
Should I complain
Kinda makes, makes you think
Makes me think....


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