Tuesday, June 14, 2016


From Rich Morey and I had to share:

My heart has been heavy with the murders in Orlando and, sadly, the ensuing foolish political maneuvering...and I have found that I'm at a complete loss as to what to say. So I started exploring a bit through writing and a poem came out.


Its weight becomes a heavy snow,
Dense drifts pushing against our homes,
Invading our streets and hearts:

You could throw your back out shovelling,
Laboring for a narrow path that soon yields
To the next fateful storm; your hopes
Erased among the desolate winds.

And it is in this moment -- despondent,
Thwarted -- that you understand hubris;
The appeal of a black-and-white world;
The comfort of something to cling to.

You can sympathize with surrender;
It's the emptiness you've seen
A hundred times behind terrified eyes.
Darkness looms.

By daybreak, you're back at it.
Heart beating out of your chest,
Straining with all you've got
To refute the enduring lie:

There's simply too much snow,
And not enough shovels.

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