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"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."— David Viscott
The most important thing we can do in this lifetime is let each other know we matter. Do it with words. Do it with gestures. Give the gift of your attention. Give... a gift.

I didn't set out to start a gift company. I just wanted to appreciate people. At any given time, those we care for are going through, well, whatever life brings. Births, deaths, moves, illness... happy occasions and sad ones. They may never even talk about it but times can get tough. Even happy things get notoriety on the stress scale; transitions can be challenging.

In a world that is increasingly curated and inwardly focused, there's nothing more meaningful to me than letting people know, "I'm thinking about you. You matter to me."

So I'll be offering gift boxes because seriously, have you SEEN what's available out there in the gift box world? Does anyone really need 50lbs of sausage? Or cheese? (Actually I take that back, EVERYONE needs cheese.)

I'll be starting with a creativity pack because that combines the best of two worlds: thoughtfulness and imagination. One of the best ways to manage stress (whether it be the good or bad kind, or both) is to have some way to express it, so gift boxes will include portable journals and tools for expression all wrapped up with love, sent from one human to another. It may also include a little plant. :)


Etsy storecoming soon!

Flower trinket tray: Bring the sunshine in!

Spleen store: Spleen teeshirts, mugs, travel mugs, backpack and magnet. Nourish your spleen! This is perfect for med students, docs, and anyone who wants a comical spleen teeshirt or paraphernalia. (Back story: A lot of people have asked me "what's with the spleen thing?" Well, I was a premed major in undergrad and I just fell in love with the word "spleen" -- some words just sound awesome. Right? Well, my path diverged and I never became a doc but I never lost my love for anatomy & physiology. :)

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