Thursday, January 27, 2011

This means being wrong about some things.

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"When new knowledge comes, we have to make room for it; we have to part with old knowledge; that means admitting that we were wrong about certain things. Part of this new knowledge may involve seeing how you were taught to allow people to treat you badly and not to speak up for yourself. I am not saying that you deserve what happened. I am saying that all of us are taught disempowering habits of cultural accommodation, and as we grow and get knocked around we have to examine them and learn how to protect ourselves. If you examine the social behaviors you were taught as a young child, and the belief system you carried into adulthood, you may find the cruel habits of those around you mirrored in your own psyche. That can be painful. But it is one of the only sure routes to change." - Cary Tennis


BlueScreen said...

This is The Thing I've had to learn in the past year or so. It's been the hardest thing ever to digest, but I'm getting there.

Anonymous said...

The broken record. . . tells us that "we are creatures of habit" and that includes bad habits. I have tried to incorporate new discoveries and self knowledge into a newer way of "being". It a'int easy.
The great thing is when you are momentarily self aware of acting, behaving, choosing, using a new paradigm that you've convinced yourself (finally) would be a good change; and you are able to see in your minds eye how you would have done it before, and didn't make that unhealthy/ bad/wrong choice. It makes me smile to myself.
Thanks for posting this.
- B