Thursday, June 30, 2011

you were once a perfect wish (Buddhist Meditations for tonight)

you were once a perfect wish, originally uploaded by ~stillpositive.

Today I was going over some Buddhist meditations to create a sense of peace with the imperfection that comes with life. There's never enough sleep, not enough time, too many things to do, not enough understanding or patience, and sometimes not enough love or forgiveness. How can we center ourselves amongst negativity?

Reflections to find a sense of peace

Sit someplace peaceful, come to a calm place and reflect on yourself first because when you can love yourself, you can love others:

- I have some bad habits and faults, but am I really all that bad?
- Many things I do don't lead to perfect results but at least I try to do my best.

- Remember people you don't necessarily like; they also just want to be happy.
- They need to feel loved, just like you.
- If someone did something that upset you, think about the cause of their behavior. Reflect: do I never make such a mistake? Do I always treat people perfectly?
- Can I expect others to be perfect all the time when I also do not manage that?
- Try to have the courage of breaking through the standard habits and overload them with thoughts of love instead.
- Don't be afraid your love will run out; true love is a never ending source of energy.
- Only our own feelings of hatred, frustration, impatience and egoism limit the stream of love to others.

Thoughts of the expectation of perfection and the stress these expectations can cause:

- Who am I really, what are all my negative qualities?
- Does this mean I am the worst person in the world?
- How many people do I know without any negative qualities?
- Can I expect myself to be perfect, without any faults?
- What are my positive qualities?
- Can I not at least help people, care about them, generate compassion?
- Does not everybody have good and bad qualities?
- Why do I have to judge so hard on myself for being human, with good and bad qualities? Likewise for others?
- I can strive for love, compassion and betterment; these things are possible.

An exercise in expression and forgiveness of slights:

- Imagine being in front of the person you need to forgive or want forgiveness from
- In the presence of your enlightened selves, say what you have to say
- Tell them what you really feel and why you want to forgive or want their forgiveness
- Imagine this person looking at you with compassion and understanding
- While telling them about your anger and regret, radiate out all your love and compassion to this person
- Know the person understands you and answers with love and compassion shining from the heart
- Open your heart and accept love and forgiveness.
From my heart, I forgive you for whatever you did, intentional or not.
May you be happy, free of confusion and understand yourself and the world.
Please forgive me for whatever I did to you, intentional or unintentional.
May we open our hearts and minds to meet in love and understanding.
Feel the warmth of healing between you.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

What Work Is by Philip Levine : The Poetry Foundation

What Work Is by Philip Levine : The Poetry Foundation
"You know what work is—if you’re
old enough to read this you know what
work is, although you may not do it."
(full poem at link)

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