Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Car maintenance intervals

This pic is quite old but this was by far my favorite car: a manual transmission
'85 Honda Accord. I still miss it! I bought that car with 100k miles on it
and then drove it for the next 13 years with no major issues.

We interrupt this regular broadcast of my favorite quotes & photos with a handy car maintenance list. I compiled this from several sources when I had trouble finding one complete source that covered ALL of the kinds of car repair maintenance I'd done on my car.

Because I wished this resource had been out there so I could keep track more easily, I typed it up for anyone else who wants to keep track! This also helps when getting oil changes and they ask if you'd like a coolant flush or brake flush -- if you keep track of what you've done and when, you'll know whether or not the car is due. Enjoy!

Please let me know if I should add anything else: comment here or email hollyrusso@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Car PartCar Maintenance interval
Oil filter5,500 miles
Rotate tires6k
Fuel filter10k
Crankcase vent filter12k
Air filter12k
Cabin filter12k
Power steering flush24k
Vapor canister filter24k
Transmission fluid filter & flush24k
Brake pads and rotors30-40k
Serpentine belt / v belt30-40k
PCV valve30K
Spark plugs / ignition wires30k
Coolant flush30k
Differential service30-60k
Shocks / struts35-40k
Battery 40-50k
Drive belts40-60k
Radiator hose40-60k
Battery 48k
Valve cover gasket50-100K
02 sensor50-60k
Muffler / pipes50-80k
Tires50k, ~5 years or whenever tread is low (should not be able to see Lincoln's head on a penny). This also applies to the spare tire too.
Timing belt60-100k
Window motors60-90k
Brake calipers / shoes70-90k
Control arm / ball joint70-90k
CV / universal joint70-90k
Fuel pump70-90k
Water pump70-90k
washer pump70-90k
Tie rods70-90k
Heater core70-90k
Front axle70-90k
Voltage regulator80-100
engine computer80-100
Alternator & belt80-100k
A/C compressor80-100k
Power steering pump80-100k
Fuel injectors100k
Catalytic converter100k
ignition module100k
Radiator 100k
Tensioner pulley100k

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