Friday, July 5, 2019

We need your voices, by Heidi N. Moore (@moorehn on Twitter)

"Ladies: I spend a good portion of the day on this website reading your amazing tweets and asking you "have you written about that?" There are so many thoughts and ideas and life experiences from women that never get told, we have no real way to recognize each other. Pls write it.

"As an editor I saw dudes submit daily and women submit their writing only when it's the very best they can do. But here you all are underestimating your voices and experiences and abilities by putting ideas in a tweet what could be, at min an essay. Hope more of you write it out.

"I do this too, I recognize. But this is about YOU right now lol. In my standard pep-talk speech to women's groups I always note that we all recognize what an ideal successful man looks like; none of us can picture an ideal successful woman. It's about representing our ideas.

"And the biographical details have value -- have you ever seen the relief on women's faces when they realize they're struggling with the same thing? -- but I am VERY INTO seeing more women as Public Intellectuals as well. Memoirs *as well as* challenging ideas and humor.

"This TED talk brought to you by some deeply awesome tweets from ladies today, that make me want to know SO MUCH MORE. And if I do, so do others. Women demur all the time that it's not interesting enough. Is it better if the men publish constantly? Why NOT you?

"This is also a way of healing, not just emotions but also ideas. The thing is, I'm here because I learn dialectically --thru conversation with ppl and ideas. You're probably the same. Where's our history to discuss? When we don't discuss our thoughts we rob our lives of context.

"I just...we live our lives as women without witnesses. We need to witness for ourselves and others. *We* are also the ancestors.

Heidi N. Moore
@moorehn on Twitter

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