Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"I tried to find a way to meditate..."

Photo by Nguyet Vuong
 "I tried to find a way to meditate throughout my teenage years including going to Buddhist temples, parks, candles, baths and none of it worked. It was probably because my mind didn't know what to do. Until I took a modern dance class in college that I find a method that worked for me (of all places). We had to write a paper about our unconscious thoughts about our body.

"The assignment was to lay on my back for an hour, with my eyes closed, consciously and mentally describe everything I could think of about my body's position and how I feel. If I am uncomfortable, how would I move or change my body's position. And then in my mind, imagine myself going on an adventure, doing something outrageous...for a whole hour! Then, get up and write a short story about what my body just went through in my imagination.

"It worked, because for a whole hour, I didn't think about myself in context with my past or future, rather just being conscious of whether I was physically comfortable or not, and then going on the adventure for myself was exhilarating.

"Our mind is powerful; it makes such an amazing survival tool. Use it well and your body will thank you."

~ Nguyet Vuong

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