Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The lenses in which we see (by John Chordy Teagle)

A relationship is how you see someone.

It is sight. It is seeing someone in a certain light. Certain cameras see different spectrums of light. Visible, ultraviolet, infrared and so on.

If you use a certain lens, you are going to see them in that particular spectrum that is negative. It will be hard to see them any other way.

If you use a different lens that is in the positive spectrum, you are more likely to over look their negatives attributes.

Love has its own lens. You will see the positive and the negative. It will allow you to understand how that individual acts and their intent of their actions. When we become transparent to the ones we love and have transparency with the ones we love, we understand that we all have greatness and imperfections.

When you have clarity and understanding, you will see the positive and the negative of that individual in one light. This monochromatic lens renders you colorblind. Yes, love is blind.

What lens are you using when you look at someone?

~ John Chordy Teagle

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