Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dreamy African violets

framed-print-large-14x10-african-violets-watercolo by wavian
framed-print-large-14x10-african-violets-watercolo by wavian

When my mom gave me these flowers as a present, I was terrified. The last African violets I had turned black and died within weeks. No one wants to kill their gifts, especially not from their parents and so I went online for advice on how to care for these finicky flowers.

My problem? I was watering them like my other plants. But African violets have little tolerance for water -- spare droplets on leaves cause them to rot and fall off. They prefer instead to draw water from their roots. I put them inside little bowls and added water once a week. They liked this. I was so happy when they bloomed that I took a picture to email my mom in NJ! And that's when I turned it into a digital watercolor.

I entered this piece into the online art auction, the first to ever exclusively use Twitter as a bidding tool. That auction ended today and my piece sold! If you click on the flower, you can head over to my online print store and get a print, even custom frame it. But this one is only available in a limited quantities because of the art auction; when I sell 50 total, I'll take it offline.

These African violets still sit in my window sill.

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