Saturday, June 6, 2020

The "Should I check on my black friends right now?" decision guide... (Twitter discussion from Wikipedia Brown)

Really important post on Twitter from writer & professor, Wikipedia Brown, @eveewing:

can i be REAL awkward for a sec? the thing about “reach out and check on your black friends” is some of “your black friends” are not your friends. They are acquaintances or coworkers who have tolerated your complacency or participation in creating a hostile environment for years.

They do not want you to check on them. They don’t want to think about you or hear from you right now. They want you to read a book or do some soul-searching or whatever you need to do to not be so racist or just annoying and DRAINING.

Your well-intentioned outreach can come across as “wow I just kinda remembered you’re black and I saw on TV that some black people stuff is happening right now” and be actively emotionally and psychologically taxing.

If you’re reading this & you pause and wonder if you shouldn’t in fact email Leslie from accounts receivable and tell her that you can’t stop crying over the news and you’re praying for her and her family and for America to heal

play it safe, and don’t! Leave Leslie alone!

people in the replies who want a flow chart to determine if your black friends are REAL friends, acquaintances, a wrong number you dialed or just a person in front of you in line at the grocery store, I'm sorry I am not able to do that but I wish you the best. thoughts & prayers

doing mental gymnastics wondering if your black friend is really your friend after reading this thread

Willy Shakes
Did they not sometime cry 'All hail!' to me?

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